Sunday, April 22, 2007

In the Mountain chalet of... Mong Kok !

I am happy ! Yesterday, we went to a nice French restaurant with very affordable price and authentic cuisine in the area I go the more often in Hong Kong... Mong Kok. That area is over crowded, some streets stink big time because of the horrible smell of the stinky tofu sold over there but, hey, this is the closest place where I can buy my comics... ( By the way, my issues of "The Spirit " are late ! AAAAAAAAAAargh ! ).

Anyway, that restaurant is just one more reason for me to go there! Their specialities are the mountain style food, like tartiflette, raclette and cheese fondue. I tried the tartiflette. It is not as good as the one made by a friend of mine back in France, Stéphane Servais ( ) or my wife, but who am I to complain to have such delicaties in Hong Kong. It has a side dish, a nice mache salad and for dessert, I took a crème brûlée.

The whole thing could feels like I have really nothing to say, but hey, this is the opposite: the new place is really a place to help me feels more at home, here in HK.

And here is a drawing I made some times ago for the Ben Caldwell website. It is my own version of Puss in boots.

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Voilà, that's it for this post... More soon.


Henry said...

>I am happy ! Yesterday, we went to a nice
>French restaurant with very affordable price
>and authentic cuisine in the area I go
>the more often in Hong Kong... Mong Kok.

That's what I heard afew days ago when talking to a French. Just spent half an hour googling and still came up with nothing. I only know that it's around "woman St." Where is it?

Nitro7 said...

Oh!? That good?
Would you pls. send me the address of that restaurant? I wish to go there and try someday later!
You know, I trust your taste, haha.

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Anonymous said...

on. It started to rain.