Monday, March 17, 2008

The pain of being a father... La douleur d'être un père...

Photobucket Well, yesterday, I promised my little girl to go have a bicycle ride. Thing is she don't know yet how to ride a bike without the little wheels at the back. And for my luck, there was no more adult bicycle. So, I decided it was time for a bicycle lesson for her. What a fool I was! After one hour running totally bent pushing her my back was in pain! She did fall several times, nothing serious, don't worry! At the end, she was able to go by herself for 10 meters, before falling. So, yep, more lessons to come! Argh !

Photobucket Dimanche, j'ai promis à ma petite Delphine d'aller faire du vélo avec elle. Le problème c'est qu'elle ne sait pas encore en faire sans les petites roues à l'arrière. Et pour ajouter à ma malchance, il n'y avait plus de vélo pour adulte ( il faisait un temps magnifique! ). Donc, j'ai décidé que c'était le moment idéal pour lui donner une petite leçon de vélo. Quel imbécile je suis! Après une heure à courir complètement courbé à la pousser et en lui donnant des conseils, mon dos était en compote! Elle est tombé plusieurs fois, mais rassurez-vous rien de grave! A la fin, elle était capable de faire 10 mètres avant de s'écrouler. Donc, ouais, il y a encore des leçons en vue! Argh !


tiger said...

take care!
I really proud of you!!!! you're really a good father!

Arkonbey said...

Good job for trying to teach her how to ride. She'll get it eventually

My grandfather gave up when I was six and I didn't pick up the bike until I was nine. They thought I'd never learn. Then I went out by myself and pushed it up the big hill near his house. I sat on the bike and coasted down at speed. Weh I got to the bottom, I turned around and rode back to his house. Riding! That's it. No lessons, nothing.

Now, I'm a mountain biker that rides 6 days a week in the summer. I'm no Hans Rey, but I'm pretty darn good for having to learn on my own.

wow. that's a lot of egoistic writing, yes?